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Our inspections far exceed the standards set by the State of Oregon. With many years experience in the construction and home inspection fields, Cooper Home Inspections is the right choice to make when buying a home.

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Q: Why should I get a home inspection?
A: If for no other reason, your home is likely to be the largest investment you will ever make. You want the assurance and peace of mind that your home is in the condition that it was advertised as. A home inspection will point out to you areas of concern that may or may not have been noticed by sellers, realtors or yourself. The home inspector is an unbiased third party, and will tell you if the concern is major or minor, and may recommend a solution to the situation. Our objectivity is your advantage. Since we will not be purchasing the home, we evaluate it in a neutral and equitable manner. Every house is unique and by helping you understand what it will take to care for this particular home, you can be assured that it will be a safe and dependable home for you and your family.

Q: What is a home inspection?
A: A home inspection is an objective and thorough visual examination of a particular property. The inspector will closely inspect the attic, crawl space or basement, perimeter, full interior, mechanical systems, plumbing, electrical system, roofing, foundation, exterior and interior wall coverings, flooring materials, any exposed structural components, etc. as they appear on the day of the inspection. It is not a guarantee or a warranty of the future condition, but a statement of condition at a particular point in time.

Q: My home is new—do I need an inspection?
A: New homes have many of the same issues as older homes. In some cases the construction crew can overlook small details in an effort to finish the home in a timely manner. This is when a home inspection can show the buyer the issues, both minor and major, that may be unnoticed during the construction walk-through phase with the builder. Most builders are very conscientious, but occasionally "things happen."

Q: Should I attend the home inspection?
A: At the end of the inspection all photos taken will be downloaded onto a computer to help in discussing what issues were found. This allows the inspector to show the customer areas of concern, both major and minor, and to discuss what repairs are needed. This face-to-face interaction allows for better understanding for both parties. A CD of the photos will be provided to all parties requested by the customer.

Q: Do you follow any set guidelines or standards by a governing body?
A: Yes! We adhere to the Standards and Practices as set forth by the Oregon Construction Contractors Board, which is our regulating body. We continually exceed the standards set by the state of Oregon.

Q: How do I schedule an appointment for a home inspection?
A: We make a continued effort to answer our phone with every call (503-807-8199), though, if we are unable to answer immediately, we will return your call as promptly as possible.

Q: What if I have questions after your inspection is complete?
A: Call or e-mail us and ask! If you have comments, questions or concerns we would like to hear them. Our services extend to more than just home inspections.